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Progress & Patience

I was feeling pretty down the other night.

I felt like I hadn’t done much of anything. Then I realized that the best way to get beyond that feeling of failure is to catalog the accomplishments over the past year. 2017 had its fair share of upheaval. Our family moved to a larger home, there were the stresses of finances, work, deadlines etc. But among all of that, I was still able to produce a fair amount of art and videos. Looking back on it now, as a recap, I feel a lot better about the amount of things I produced, and that I wasn’t unproductive at all. In fact, I had the largest output in terms of completed works ever.

Here’s a sample:

This was a collection of all of the finished portrait pieces I had done over the course of the year. 14 finished pieces, not to mention other digital art projects I did here and there. In terms of videos, I had almost the same for my art channel and some other gaming and experimental videos I created. So well over 50 videos (some released, some not) and a bunch of other channels I laid the groundwork for.

So the next time I’m feeling down about not being able to create, I basically just need to kick myself in the ass and take inventory. Because I was amazed at everything I found.

The only thing I can think of that made me feel like I didn’t do much was the interruptions and cut momentum I endured. Moving was a big one. Summer vacations and traveling was another. The lack of heat in my studio (getting it fixed tomorrow!) was a huge one. These things sucked the life out of me creatively, because I kept feeling defeated instead of bulldozing things in my path and moving forward to achieve the things I want.

So that was my mission for 2018. I had a personal manifesto of things I wanted to inch my needle towards in 2018. The first was to take stock of what I have, and figure out a basic roadmap to get me to a place where I needed to be. We’re on the road now. It’s just a matter of staying on it – and not being discouraged when I have to make stops along the way. Perhaps, I should just enjoy the view and take it all in, because those moments of silence and reflection disappear when its time to work and earn and immerse myself in being creative.

Upward and onward!