to begin again…

So here we are, in what feels like the thousandth iteration of this website. For those of you who have stuck it out since its inception, I thank you for your patience. When talking to me about my website and displaying my content, you always knew I wasn’t satisfied. I could never get it to a point where I was happy with it. The same questions always popped up.

Do I create an all in one catch-all solution that houses all of my concepts, ideas and finished work, as well as a blog?

Do I create a pile of accounts on popular media platforms and disseminate my work that way?

Do I just stick with traditional portfolio sites that remain stagnant or do I turn it into a storefront…

Too many options. In the end, I decided to simplify things. I want this place to be a jumping off point or a hub for my work. My comics point to their respective sites where they’re housed. My illustration work is displayed on Deviant Art and Behance. My social media links are all active and feature my work and my latest news, info and chatter.

And this place, well – this is sort of the long form brain dumping area I so desperately need. The plan is to do a lot of that process junk and rambles in video format, but those are edited down – this is more of a stream of consciousness that has no real deadline or timeline. It’s here, unfiltered and unorganized, save for the tags and categories which wordpress sites are good for.

I’ve also had the itch to write a bit more about things I’m up to – things I can’t really explain in bite-sized chunks as you’d expect on Twitter or Facebook, and too random and scattered to form an actual YouTube video with for my channel.

I do believe there will be a large amount of randomness on this site, and I think I’m okay with that. If folks are looking to see what goes on inside my head, this is a good indicator (and my Twitter-feed) – but if folks want to get to the good stuff without having to wade through the swampy mess, the links are in the menu.